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5 ways to asking for help more often and stop feeling ¨mom-guilt¨

  Moms feel guilty for a variety of silly reasons: for walking away when leaving their children with other people, for asking for help, for not being able to do it all, for interrupting the child´s self-absorbed play, for not spending enough hours playing on the floor and on and on. Here, I want to […]

The Penny Has Got To GO

Have you heard the debate about the penny? If not, take a look here. The penny is costing us billions of dollars a year in lost time and funds. We (the U.S. Mint) have been making the penny at a loss for the past two years (it currently costs 1.7 cents to make one cent) […]

Well, well, well…

  Hope everyone kept warm, safe, and sane this weekend. Cabin fever has been driving my dogs and my fiancé nuts. Though we are putting in longer than usual hours at the bar, you can tell his indoor down time is boring the hell out of him. I think he plows the driveway at least […]

Fighting The Science Dumb-Down

Glenn T. Seaborg is an eminent scientist – so eminent that he’s the only living person with an element named after him. But the state of California won’t let him help write science standards for its public schools. His problem? Taking the idea of standards too seriously. Seaborg, 85, is what more trendy educators today […]

Great Math Sites

 AAA-MATH – Hundreds of pages of Basic Math Skills  ALL MATH – free flashcards for math students everywhere. … View the biographies of math, or Ask the Experts. Best for Kids 12 and under. COOL MATH – An amusementpark of math designed for fun! Teachers MATH GOODIES – Math Goodies is a free educational site featuring interactive math lessons, […]

Mathematics Standards of Learning-Introduction

The San Diego City Board of Education requested that District staff revise their Draft Content and Performance Standards to reflect certain key ideas. Mathematically Correct submitted a draft set of Mathematics Standards for Kindergarten to Pre-algebra to the Board at their regular meeting. Geometry Standards were presented to the district Mathematics Standards Committee at their […]

Letter To Students

Dear Student, Do you feel left out when it comes to Mathematics at school? Are you struggling with your homework, tests and exams? If your answer is YES, you have come to the right place. Many students today are falling behind in their Mathematics for the simple reason of how it is being put forward […]

Why Asking “WHY” is the Most Important Question

The WHY of whatever you’re doing is such an important question to ask. I read recently Simon Sinek’s book titled, “Start with Why.” The premise is that anything and everything you do should have a Why behind it. I recently attended a virtual meeting with people who get prepared for the GED exam via online […]

Letter To Parents

Dear Parents,  Are your children falling behind in Mathematics? Are you constantly looking for ways to help them, but find that today’s Syllabus is very different from your own school days? More than likely, you are paying a small fortune for private lessons not to mention the hassle of driving them here and there. Has […]

Nine What?

So yesterday I hauled my ass out of the house and into the show to go and watch Nine with Vix. Now, if you go by basic plot – musical, lots of stars, big set – then it’s my kind of film. After sitting through 2 hours of it, I realized it was so very […]