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Well, well, well…


Hope everyone kept warm, safe, and sane this weekend. Cabin fever has been driving my dogs and my fiancé nuts. Though we are putting in longer than usual hours at the bar, you can tell his indoor down time is boring the hell out of him. I think he plows the driveway at least 3 times a day for fun.

The dogs on the other hand… They have a love hate relationship with the snow. They love running around in it, plowing each-other to the ground, rolling, sliding down hills… until the moment they realize they are cold.

Then they pick their paws up and look at me with big sad eyes as if to say, “mom! Why did you make this weather?” Needless to say, on these single digit days, their outdoor play time is fairly restricted.

I on the other hand am faring pretty well. Between cross country skiing, lifting, and the joy I get out of long naps under a pile of blankets and sitting on my ass reading lots of good books… winter is treating me fairly decent at the moment. It seems like I wake up in the morning with nothing more on my mind than going out and playing in the snow, and once I get that out of my system, it’s black coffee and business woman for the duration of the day. It’s a balance I can definitely get used to!

I realize my blog is kind of all over the place lately. I finally took a little time out to figure out where I want to go from here, and I’d like to explain that briefly for you. My personal goals currently fall under the following categories – well read, well fed, and able bodied. Hopefully this can give you a little insight as to what is happening here.

Able Bodied:
I actually took my ankle injury in November really poorly. Not being able to do exactly what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it resulted in me falling off the wagon in a bad way. I did not cope well at all, and just recently through lots of talking it out with people who have been in similar situations, much encouragement from local weekend warriors who want to race crazy with me this summer, and my return to actually training within my means – the cloud has started to lift.

I want to run 15 races this year. I want lots of PRs. I want to be back in fighting shape. Those things are all obvious. I want to do at least 1 duathlon and 1 mountain bike race. I want to be in the position where I can do Tough Mudder with my bloggy girlfriends and have a blast (just like last year!)

But I also have to realize that injuries do happen and I need to do as much as I’m able. Not just sulk around and be a sad blob. Being able bodied means finding solutions and substitutions when things don’t go your way. I am definitely working on that kind of maturity. I hope I can stick to sharing high flying happy epic outdoor adventures for the rest of 2014, but if things don’t go exactly my way, I promise to share that, too.
Well Fed:
Part of my job description as owner of Jordan’s is head chef. We pride ourselves in being more on the gastropub side of the spectrum, and creative specials are something my customers are constantly clamoring for. I love playing in the kitchen and creating fresh seasonal local goodies.

Still, our eating on the home front kind of falls flat. Aaron is picky. I eat pretty much the same things all the time. When we are feeling adventurous we order Chinese take out. At least, this was the case until recently.

To grow as I chef, I realize I need all the practice I can get my hands on. From adapting online recipes to creating dishes of my own that we can both enjoy to digging into classic cook-books, I have been working diligently to put hearty healthy meals together on a more regular basis. I would love to share my bests and worsts here and give you all a look into the food side of the bar business along the way to document my growth in this department.

I can say with absolute certainty, that taking the care and effort into meal planning and sitting down and enjoying good home cooked food when we can afford the time has brought our relationship a lot closer. Though we have both had to bend a little bit in terms of what we would really rather eat, being well fed is one of the greatest joys to me.

I added a few “pages” to my blog to keep track of my well intended goals. I think this all fits in perfectly in my quest to be more present and less unhappy this year. I also hope this clears up any confusion as to what Running Into 30 has become. What started as a place to document strictly my racing, training, and diet has evolved into the story of a quite pivotal 29th year of my life, and I’m totally ok with that. Thanks for sticking around or joining me for the first time on this awesome journey!

Well Read:
A personal goal for me this year is to improve as a writer in general. I have always wanted to write a novel, and when I started blogging a few years back, I kind of pushed that kind of writing aside so I could talk about my fitness ventures. I don’t regret doing that, but now, the spark is back, and I’m ready for a challenge.

My goal is to read a hundred books in 2017. I feel like being well read is a luxury I can afford but have brushed aside for too long. Some of my favorites I will share with you.